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It's your Daily Workout, Streaming Live.

What if you could workout from anywhere, achieving the same results...

The GrooveStream daily workout platform is the answer for you ...

  • Save Time

    Our streaming live virtual studio allows you to work out from anywhere so you can have more flexibility in your day.
    Take that extra time and go on vacation.

  • Accountability

    All of our classes stream live daily keeping you accountable to achieve optimal health and well-being. Show up for class just like you would at any fitness or yoga studio.

  • We Are Here For You

    Consider us your personal trainer in cyberspace. We are your vehicle to living your Optimal Human Experience.

Book Your Class & Show Up - That's It!

Booking and accessing your streaming live class is fluid & easy ...
Here's how you do it:

Log Into Your GrooveStream Dashboard

  • Click on the BOOK A CLASS icon.
  • Access the entire monthly class schedule.
  • Explore the daily class options.

Find A Class On The Daily Schedule

  • Click a class title based on your interest.
  • Read the description of each class.
  • Think about how you want to feel after a class.

Book A Class

  • Click on the "Book" button.
  • Your name and email automatically fills into booking form.
  • Simply click the "Book This Class" button... Woohoo You're All Set!

Then Go Stream

  • First, create a comfortable spot free of distractions.
  • Second, grab some water and any equipment necessary.
  • Lastly, at class time, just click the "Go Stream" icon and your streaming live workout will play automatically.

Ready to start saving time and enjoy more flexibility in your day?
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GrooveStream Cultivate Membership
Exclusive Features

Enhancing your experience while taking your lifestyle to the Next Level...

  • 1 - Book 12 classes a month ...

    Choose from a variety of yoga, dance, fitness & meditation classes.

  • 2 - Access Each Class For 48hrs ...

    We offer archived access to each class after it’s been streamed … so if it’s missed or you just want to take it again, we’ve got you covered.

  • 3 - Professional Camera Angles ...

    Our classes are produced with a 5-Camera Angle viewpoint showing you detailed movement for your success.

  • 4 - One-Of-A-Kind Classes ...

    Our custom classes include Yoga Rx, Dance Fusions, Creative Fitness & Meditation/Sound Therapy designed to take your lifestyle to the next level.

  • 5 - Intentional Programming ...

    Our intuitive classes are based in a Yoga philosophy. They’re created with specific energy centers in mind … Connecting your whole being with each class.

  • 6 - Grooving Custom Music ...

    We feature custom written music in specific musical keys designed to be in sync with the essence of each class. Our purpose driven music tracks keep you moving and grooving from beginning to end.

  • 7 - World Class Instructors ...

    We have 30 years experience in the Wellness Industry. We safely and professionally guide you through each class.

  • 8 - Virtual Studio ...

    Your membership dashboard contains a simple way to book classes, easy access to support & the option to cancel your booking up to 1hr before class time.

  • 9 - Compatible On Popular Devices ...

    GrooveStream works with desktops using Chrome or Firefox, IOS, Android,
    Smart TVs (with additional setup), Chromecast and Apple AirPlay.

Take Your Lifestyle to the Next Level ...
Live with good Health & Happiness.

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GrooveStream With Easy Access No Matter Where You Are ...

It's flexible, it's mobile, it's anywhere!

1 - Have A Computer?

Stream it in your bedroom, in your living room or even in your backyard.

2 - Do You Use A Mobile Device?

Stream live at the park, at the beach or your friend's house.

3 - Have A Flat Screen Or Smart TV?

Transform your home into a virtual studio.

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Live your
Optimal Human Experience!

Get Connected To Your Mind, Body & Soul With GrooveStream ...

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  • 12 FUN, mood enhancing & juicy classes per month.
  • Professional instructors guiding you every step of the way.
  • Well balanced schedule including Yoga Rx, Dance Fusions, Creative Fitness & Meditation/Sound Therapy classes.

But WAIT there's more:

  • Flexibility to stream it live wherever you may be .... at work, home, on vacation or on the beach.
  • Custom music produced 100% in-house with original sounds and vibrations.
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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  • Q.What Does Streaming Live Mean?

    A.Streaming live is a form of video streaming where streams play out in real time. Similar to network television, our classes play out on a predetermined daily schedule. As an example, if there’s a Yoga class at 9 am Pacific Time, that class will play out to the GrooveStream platform at 9 am Pacific Time.

    If you want to take that class, simply book the class, then log into the GrooveStream Members Area on the specific day you booked at 9 am and click the Go Stream link to access the stream.

  • Q.Is GrooveStream® Going To Work On My Devices?

    A.If you have been able to play our videos from any of our web pages, then GrooveStream is compatible with your device.

    Our video player is compatible with desktops using Firefox or Chrome Browsers, Apple IOs, Android Devices, Chromecast, Apple Airplay & any flat screen or Smart TV (with additional setup). We use the most modern video delivery methods to ensure quality and compatibility.

  • Q.Are Your Classes Pre-Recorded?

    A.Currently the classes available on the GrooveStream® platform are pre-recorded. This is NOT TO BE MISTAKEN with video on demand. These are pre-recorded classes that play out in real time based on our class schedule. We are also working on delivering classes that are 100% live. We will definitely keep you in the loop as those classes become available.

  • Q.What If I Need Support?

    A.You will have easy access within the GrooveStream members area to our live chat support system. Additionally you can always give us a call by clicking our cute phone widget and we are glad to assist you in every way we can.
    Remember, we are here for you.

  • Q.How Many Classes Can I Book As A GrooveStream Cultivate Member?

    A.The GrooveStream Cultivate Membership allows you to book 12 classes per our monthly billing cycle.

  • Q.What Is Your Monthly Billing Cycle?

    A.Our monthly cycle is calculated in 28 day blocks. This means that your GrooveStream Cultivate monthly membership will auto-renew every 28 days at which time your credit card will billed.

  • Q.What If I Miss One Of My Booked Classes?

    A.We got your back! If you happen to miss one of your booked classes, we give you access to that class for 2 Days. Why 2 Days? Well that’s easy … Remember, we are here to keep you accountable for your health and one way to do that is by showing up. You deserve to honor yourself and your health.

  • Q.How Do You Process My Credit Card?

    A.We process all of our credit transactions with Stripe. We do not store any credit card information on our servers or databases. Stripe’s platform is fully PCI Compliant and your data is encrypted through the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS).

  • Q.What If I Want To Cancel One Of My Classes?

    A.If you want to cancel a class, it’s a simple process that can be initiated from your member dashboard under the “My Bookings” link. You can cancel right up until class start time.

  • Q.Membership Cancellation

    A.If you choose to change your membership or cancel your account, it’s a simple process that can be initiated from your member dashboard.

  • Q.Will I Be Taking Classes With Other People?

    A.Yes, our streams are designed to host thousands of people.
    So you will be in sync and In The Groove with others across the world.

  • Q.100% Money Back Guarantee

    A.We stand behind our service 100%! If you feel that GrooveStream did not meet your expectations within the first 28 Days, we will refund your money… it’s pretty simple.

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